Logs / shortlog

git shortlog <range>

shortlog allow you to nicely list all the changes per author of a repository between two points.

For example git shortlog refs/tags/3.13..refs/tags/3.13.3

Andy Callaghan (4):
      Remove passwords, keys & tracking codes from test env settings
      Merged in rpsec-gem (pull request #1430)
      Remove admin polling JS, except for abuse reports
      Merged in hotfix/exp-2856-remove-admin-polling (pull request #1447)

Antonios Chrysakis (1):
      Changing touchEnabled to false for bxslider to fix this error: https://github.com/stevenwanderski/bxslider-4/issues/1240

Javier Antonini (2):
      Added test database configuration.
      Added test configuration for our yml files.

Vonnie Voong (6):
      Merged in EXP-2877-fix-html-displaying-for-users (pull request #1439)
      Merged in rails-migrations/release (pull request #1440)
      Add and setup RSpec gem
      Add shoulda-matchers and validations tests
      Remove test folder to make way for Rspec
      Add class to the body to check for current_user

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